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Our management team realizes that Marriage is a life together with someone special and instead users going out and looking for their compatible match, we have made it possible with the ease of our matrimonial site to help the users find their life partner. We help the users through this platform by allowing them "to add their profiles for free, do a search for their life partner for free and allow them to contact the profiles with a minimal fee. We offer basic and different levels of premium membership at a very low rate. Video Link

ASSISTED SERVICE is a one stop source for Indian Matrimonial services specifically catering to people with Deaf. With the advent of Internet, we thought it was a perfect opportunity for Indian Deaf Men and Women all over India online to find profiles that match their needs.

IDM has broken the continental boundaries to help users meet their soul mate. IDM continues to focus on differentiating itself by providing a rich array of unique services and by delivering online superior customer support via email. Our goal is to provide an unparalleled level of services.

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  • 03rd July 2021

    Vaibhav (IDM8021UDFR) Poonam (IDM3450YOMV)

  • 7th April 2021

    Devender Kirar (IDM2197YBHA) Kajal Gautam (IDM8400WZHJ )

  • 7th December 2020

    Rohit Sharma (IDM546QIAK) Dolly Kumari (IDM5668KIFY)

  • 21th February 2021

    Sagar (IDM846OUAO) Tejashree (IDM1627HSIH)

  • 23th October 2020

    Mishra (IDM671VHWL) Varsha (IDM4608JIGO)

  • 16th February 2021

    Aniket (IDM4476XTPP) Kavita (IDM6449WTME)

  • 16th February 2021

    Abhinav (IDM2868FLLT) Manisha (IDM4953HUGV)

  • 8th December 2020

    Sushant (IDM1112JGKU) Rachana (IDM4595INGQ)

  • 14th July 2020

    Mohammed (IDM1180WAYE) Hashmath J (IDM1570DSQH)

  • 10th December 2020

    Shamitha (IDM5468YXGI) Tejaswi (IDM5057ZLLN)

  • 27th-September-2020

    Rajtilak (IDM802NURC) Chandsna (IDM5196OITA)